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2020 So great they named it twice

I really hope you all came through well and you can now sit back with a few cookies and your favorite hot drink. I brought some music for that.

Depending on your preference, we recommend either Igor Levit’s Piano Podcast – 32 x Beethoven – Episode 11 – Widerwärtig schwer, aber zutiefst optimistisch (in case you know some German) or Don’t look back in Anger. Fits both.

2021 Give it a chance

But for now it’s Christmas with carols and cookies

Next year will come soon enough and and will keep us busy no doubt.
But before that we should probably slow down a litte, maybe once again with Igor Levit’s piano podcast – 32 x Beethoven: Episode 32 – No farewell, but departure: The last sonata op. 111 (it is in German, though)

Fake News Corner

2021 – if you do a little research, you’ll quickly see that it looks a lot like the date 2012. And we all know what was prophesied for 2012! Was 2012 only a transcription error and Montezumas tzolkʼins revenge is still ahead? Who the hell knows! I can only ask questions. But we know the truth is out there somewhere.

And a happy new year!