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UX DESIGN Happy User, Happy Business

UX is all about making your business happy by making the customer happy. It creates a design that makes whatever a user of your service needs to achieve easy, successful and occasionally even fun. It is all about creating a positive and purposeful Experience for your User. 
Create such an experience, many things need to be done that happen under the hood as it were, before you can successfully address the visible aspects of designing the experience: 

  • Research: Know the Want and Need
    • Get to know the characters in the play that is the user experience
  • Weave a Story: Create knowledge from data
    • Describe journeys and scenarios so that everybody understand how the user moves
  • Get it Done: Turn knowledge into creatives
    • Use conceptual tools like writing user stories, wireframing and early prototyping to create artefacts that serve as a blueprint for what is to be built
  • Testing Testing: Find out where you are wrong
    • Take your artefacts and shipable increments in front of prospective users to find out where you made errors

UX WRITING Happy User Understands

Language is a key component of a service.

Either as nudges and nuggets directing the user towards the best experience. This would be something we call UX Writing.

Or as the information or entertainment a customer came for in the first place. In which case we would consider the content as the service proper. 

In either case, you need to

  • Find the Story – know what you want to say and in what order
  • Communicate Clearly – know how to say it so that you will be understood
  • Use Good Craft – Know the rules of how people read on screens so that your story will be read.


Everybody – every artist big or small, every museum big or small, should be on the web and be seen, be active and do what is right for them. But not everybody has a big budget.

To solve this dilemma, we can go it the Lean Way. Based on Lean Startup and Lean UX ideas, this means to identify what is most important and start with that, to start small and build it from there, using standard tools and concentrating on the outcome. 

  • understanding the needs of your visitors
  • using tried and tested technology
  • delivering a safe and compliant solution
  • providing a platform that can be used for new and extended features

UX & SUSTAINABILITY Playing our part

Digitalisation needs to be sustainable and support and a sustainable development. This requires that we regularly reflect on the effect our work has regarding a sustainable development and what we need to do or change to work towards this.

Here I want to regularly write about this theme. Issues include where UX can help sustainable development goals as well as questions regarding structural problems where business models require design to go against the interests of users.  

UX & AGILE Panta Rhei



Agile is all about making predictions better.

Jared Spool