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UX makes happy

Let’s make your business happy by making the customer happy. To do this we need to understand, model, create and test: 

  • Here we discover what the world is really like. To do this, we collect qualitative and quantitative data via surveys (online and offline), field research (online and offline), and also the analysis of existing data such as webtracking.

    If we already have a hypothesis about how the world really is, then we discover new things by testing these hypotheses. To do this, we need to formulate the hypotheses in such a way that they involve measurable change. For example: If we name the button differently in step 3, we will have significantly fewer dropouts at this point.

    Here you can test first and then deliver, or deliver and then measure.

    Discovery is not something that only happens at the beginning. A “discovery track” is an integral part of development and should happen continuously.