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UX needs language

Without language, it’s hard to understand how a service is supposed to work.

And without language there is no content. Not even videos, because they usually need a script..

  • Actually, it’s always about finding the story. The point that attracts attention, the question that interests the audience and the thread that leads the way so that our audience does not get lost or loses interest.

    You then have to decide what it should really be about, and then stick to it and not get lost in details, or no longer sees the forest for the trees.

Writing for all!


The workshop for all who want to write better. Depending on the task

  • Guidance for the better writing style
  • Basics of writing for the web
  • Work on specific texts from your working environment
  • Writing exercises on headings, sentence structure, continuous text, paragraphs, word choice. 

Scope: half or full days
Format: In person or video conference
As individual support or in groups of up to 10 participants.

Inquiries to mail {at}

Translation and Content


Even though I am not a native speaker, with a Master in English Literature (M.A. University of Frankfurt)  I have some proficiency in the language and have 

  • translated from and into English, e.g. for corporate customers, also for Campus Verlag, Frankfurt
  • created content in English for numerous corporate customers